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Ed's Hair


Ed's Hair, an online retailer offering a wide range of hair products, faced stiff competition in the crowded beauty and cosmetics market. Despite their unique product offerings and commitment to quality, they struggled to break through the noise and scale the attention of their target audience. Their previous marketing efforts, including PPC campaigns, failed to generate significant traction to the level they were hoping to achieve.


In a bid to revitalise their digital marketing strategy, Ed's Hair partnered with AdWave to leverage the power of targeted advertising and maximize their online presence. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the beauty industry and the importance of appealing to diverse customer segments, we conducted comprehensive market research to identify key consumer demographics and purchasing behaviors. Armed with this insight, we developed a tailored PPC campaign strategy focused on Google Ads and social media platforms to showcase Ed's Hair products to the right audience at the right time.


The strategic collaboration between Ed's Hair and AdWave yielded promising results, driving significant growth and customer engagement for the online retailer. By optimizing their PPC campaigns and refining ad targeting, Ed's Hair experienced a 60% increase in website traffic and customer inquiries within the first few months of implementation. The compelling ad creatives and targeted messaging resonated with beauty enthusiasts and consumers seeking high-quality hair care products, resulting in a 40% improvement in conversion rates compared to previous marketing endeavors.

The tangible impact of the partnership was reflected in Ed's Hair's bottom line, with a notable revenue growth of 15% in the initial phase of the campaign. Moreover, the enhanced brand visibility and positive customer feedback bolstered Ed's Hair's reputation as a trusted destination for premium hair care solutions, paving the way for sustained business success and customer loyalty.

This customer story exemplifies the transformative effect of AdWave's tailored PPC solutions in driving revenue growth and market differentiation for online retailers like Ed's Hair in the competitive beauty and cosmetics industry. If you are interested in finding out how we can help grow your business, make sure to get your free conversion forecast.

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