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ShieldGuard Insurance Solutions, a medium-sized commercial insurance provider, struggled to generate quality leads and convert them into customers. Despite offering competitive insurance packages, they found it challenging to reach their target audience effectively. Their previous PPC campaigns had failed to yield significant results, leading to stagnant growth and frustration among the team.


Understanding the unique needs of ShieldGuard Insurance Solutions, our team at AdWave conducted a comprehensive audit of their existing PPC campaigns and identified key areas for improvement. We devised a customized strategy tailored to their target audience and business objectives. Leveraging advanced targeting techniques and compelling ad creatives, we optimized their Google Ads and social media paid campaigns to enhance visibility and engagement.


Within just three months of implementing our strategies, ShieldGuard Insurance Solutions witnessed a remarkable transformation in their business performance. Their lead generation increased by 70%, with a significant improvement in lead quality. This surge in qualified leads translated into a 45% boost in conversion rates, as more prospects were compelled to choose ShieldGuard for their insurance needs. Consequently, the company experienced a substantial revenue growth in the first quarter alone, marking a pivotal turning point in their business trajectory.

This customer stories illustrate the transformative impact of AdWaves expertise in driving revenue growth and business success for clients in diverse industries. If you are interested in finding out how we can help grow your business, make sure to get your free conversion forecast.

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