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Solife, a reputable provider of residential and commercial solar panel installations, faced stiff competition in an increasingly crowded renewable energy market. Despite offering high-quality solar solutions and eco-friendly products, they struggled to generate leads and expand their customer base. Their previous marketing efforts, including PPC campaigns, failed to deliver the desired results, leading to stagnant growth and frustration among the team.


Seeking to revitalize their marketing strategy, Solife partnered with AdWave to harness the power of digital advertising and maximize their online presence. Understanding the unique challenges of the solar industry, we conducted thorough market research to identify key target demographics and consumer pain points. Leveraging this insight, we devised a comprehensive PPC campaign strategy tailored to Solar Solutions' goals, focusing on Google Ads and social media platforms to reach potential customers effectively.


The collaboration between Solife and AdWave yielded remarkable outcomes, driving significant growth and market expansion for the solar panel provider. By optimizing their PPC campaigns and enhancing ad targeting, Solar Solife experienced a 75% increase in qualified leads within the first three months. The compelling ad creatives and strategic messaging resonated with environmentally conscious consumers, resulting in a 60% rise in conversion rates compared to previous marketing efforts.

The tangible impact of our partnership was reflected in Solife's bottom line, with a notable revenue growth of 40% in the initial phase of the campaign. Moreover, the increased brand visibility and positive customer feedback further solidified Solife's reputation as a trusted leader in the solar industry, paving the way for sustained business success and future expansion opportunities.

This customer story highlights the transformative effect of AdWave's tailored PPC solutions in driving revenue growth and market dominance for clients in the renewable energy sector. If you are interested in finding out how we can help grow your business, make sure to get your free conversion forecast.

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